Monday, July 28, 2008

i am a deep person and no one understands me because of this: everything i make attests to this statement

i am wasting my time. this is a waste of time. fuck.

paul mazzolini was born in beirut. he emigrated to italy.

in my house this morning i jumped up from my bed and started yelling. i woke and began yelling. i knew today would be terrible. i spent much of the morning looking at myself in the mirror and making strange noises.

paul mazzolini was a cosmopolitan teenager. he was involved in italo-disco.

first i spent the day looking at terrible things on the internet. i don't remember what. writing that sentence reminds me of looking at in high school with my friends.

paul mazzolini began to record music with roman producer paul micioni.

i got a hair cut last night. i look like an egg. i want people to call me sergeant egghead. i had a friend who used to call her best friend in kindergarten that: sergant egghead.

i found a site that said this guy will interview anyone. i would like to be interviewed. i've written, on the internet, before: don't be shy, but i am shy right now. the guy wrote "don't feel selfish about wanting to be interviewed." i think i would still feel selfish.

paul mazzolini did not waste time. he was very economical with his time. he was wise and people used to comment on this to him.

the only way to not feel this way is to "topsy-turvy that motherfucker" and ask him the questions and interview him. this would be funny and postmodern.

paul mazzolini's most popular song was called "i like chopin".

i know that i would never be strong enough to do that. but i will e-mail him anyway and tell him that he better fucking interview me because i will make myself the most interesting, beautiful piece of shit he's ever looked at, talked to, interviewed, or even heard about. i can be a tiny imp, a baby larvae, a bloody shitty diaper, and a yellow slightly-hardened condom. i can do these things because i am a good person and i have control over things that matter. i would like some measure of power but i think this is natural and not something to be subscribed to as a character flaw of some kind.

paul mazzolini recorded music and released it under the moniker Gazebo (just like me...).


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