Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Name Is Robocop


Robocop has a tiny wiener. Like, his wiener is so tiny. This is a story about Robocop's tiny wiener and it's going to be funny, okay?

Robocop has a tiny wiener see, so he feels really bad about it. He tries to make love to his robo-girlfriend but she's all like "I guess not all of you is 'robo' is it?" Robocop starts crying. I mean, like he starts crying. Like he's just a fucking mess. So his robo-girlfriend is all like "Fuck man..." And she puts on her clothes and leaves him crying naked in the dark. A sliver of streetlight comes through the window and it falls on Robocop's tiny wiener and it's like all covered in scars and like it's pale and shit. Totally not hott.

Robocop is still crying. Then Robocop turns on the tv and sees these two girls kissing each other. They are like totally hott and have big boobies. Robocop watches lesbian pornography for 20 minutes. But still, his wiener is little. Robocop is still crying and his tears fall onto his shriveled weiner and Robocop goes "Fuck man...." and keeps crying.

Robocop gets up and makes some toast. He waits for the toast to come up. The toast comes up and he puts it on a plate. He takes out the butter and smears butter on the toast. Then he eats the toast. It is good. Hot and melty. It tastes like, so good. Robocop is standing in his kitchen naked and eating some toast. Robocop smiles and goes "Fuck man..." and takes another bite.



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