Tuesday, October 7, 2008

dream #12

i would like to preface this dream by saying that it is my favorite dream of all the dreams i've written about here. maybe it won't be so funny to you but it was for me because i woke up laughing. i think it is a large contender for 'most favorite dream'. at the end of the year maybe i will do a contest to judge my favorite dreams. so far, this is the list.

i was in some kind of a movies with disney characters. in the movie we would change between being cartoon drawings and being live action costumed people. the storyline was that i was mickey mouse jr. and my best friend was donal duck jr. and we were going together to this summer camp in alaska or something. it was very cold and we would do fun things in the snow. we were in a submarine working and doings things. i think it was a submarine summer camp. in the submarine there was this person that i sort of felt aggresively neutral towards. he was our age and i think his dad was a pro submariner or something. i don't know, i just know he was trying hard to be mr. know-it-all. donald duck jr. and i both felt aggresively neutral toward him. i think he was a shark. i don't know how he walked around. maybe he was half-shark. mickey mouse sr. was the captain i think and the first day all us kids got there he greeted us with this super cheerful speech and we all felt very welcomed. soon mr. know-it-all shark guy started bossing us around. goofy was first mate i think and he was telling us a story about an enchanted sorcer who lived at the bottom of the lake.

now, all this i think has been mostly cartoon. suddenly we're having a meal in the mess hall and we're all costume characters. i am sitting with donald duck jr. mickey mouse comes in and all these campers run up to him and start to crowd him. their faces were each captured in plastic smiling. mickey mouse smiled and expressed himself with his body but not his face. he start play-boxing with some kids and every he'd hit them he'd say 'patooie!' and it was funny.

then mickey mouse turned bad. he was enchanted by a shriveled old wizard in a cave. mickey mouse started doing bad things. it was up to me and donald duck jr. to set things straight. we had to fight mickey. during the fight scenes, i had to fight mickey mouse. he was freezing the lake and draining it into a vast subterranean layer where he was turning it into icing or some kind of marshmallowy substance. he would fill up the entire room with the sticky substance and come and beat you up. it was hard and funny. mickey came to beat me up. when he hit me, he said 'patooie!' and it was funny. i woke up laughing.



Blogger Alicia Pernell said...

yes. i love it when dreams make me laugh out loud or say something and then the sound of my voice just floats away into the darkness of my bedroom.

this made me laugh at my desk at work.

October 8, 2008 at 8:42 AM  
Anonymous mark said...

i had a friend who woke himself up every night and talked about what he was dreaming about.
i put it on my website:
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October 8, 2008 at 10:07 PM  

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