Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cold day

i would like to be simple today and i would like to do simple things.

it would be good to do simple things today.

it would be good to reserve today for the doing of simple things.

first i will fry an egg.

then i will eat the egg.

after i have eaten the egg i will sit by the window and think about the egg i have just eaten.

after i have sat by the window for an appropriate amount of time i will want to put on a sweater.

the sweater will be blue and read: MOUNT SEQUOAH and it will cause me to think of my beautiful arkansas.

i will return to the window and sit and think of arkansas.

i will want to wave to the neighbors but probably will not because they mostly carry shopping bags and mumble to themselves.

i actually don't think they are my neighbors at all.

sometimes they try to sell me drugs when i am talking to mother on the phone on the porch.

i will do things like this for the rest of the day.

perhaps i will read a book.

perhaps i will lay in my bed and listen to traffic.

perhaps i will pretend to be a catepillar in my sleeping bag.

i will be very intentional about the things that i do today.

i think i will try to call you on the telephone.

it would be good if you came over.

it would be good if you rented a movie so that we could watch that movie together.

then we would not have to talk to anyone and we could just watch the movie together, not talking to anyone.

if when we are watching the movie my blue sweater begins to bother you because of how blue it is, i can take it off.

i am okay with that.

if you asked me to put on pants i would be okay with that too.

i would put on pants if you wanted me to.

if you were uncomfortable.

or something.

the movie that you would rent should be something old and on VHS.

it should be something like brewster's millions or groundhog's day.

something like that.

it should be something like about a man who wears a blue sweater and sits by the window.

if you rented 'top gun' i would push your face into the earth slowly.

if you rented anything with arnold schwarzenegger i would touch your eye with a pencil repeatedly.

except maybe for 'kindergarten cop'.

that was a good movie.

if you rented 'E.T.' that would be ideal i think.

it would be good if you came over and walked with me to the mexican bakery around the corner.

we could get pastries for 50 cents a piece.

then we could walk back to my house eating the pastries.

maybe i would point out how much i like trees in winter.

then maybe you could remind me that it's spring already and that today is just a weird hiccup or something.

that would be okay with me.

i would be okay with that.


Blogger xTx said...

i heart wagner

March 31, 2009 at 3:18 PM  
Blogger Joel Cachero said...

I often think about what I eat. I imagine my body breaking down the food and absorbing it.

Then I feel guilty for eating unhealthy food, and spend way too much money on organic food at the Dillons marketplace.

March 31, 2009 at 4:35 PM  

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