Friday, May 29, 2009


nowadays all i do is come home and read townes van zandt lyrics. here is one of my favorites.

Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold
now here's what this story's told
you feel like mud, you end up gold
you feel like lost, you'll end up found.
so amigo, lay them raises down.

blake butler is putting on a short story contest at his blog. there is no entry fee and the winner gets a great load of out of print chapbooks, rare zines, self-published things, and a sundry of non-literary items (even a coupon to employ jereme dean as online mercenary if ever you run into trouble). i have submitted and i would suggest you do too.

hey look this is a link to a pitchfork article about a charity to fund save darfur and the world food program from the proceeds of a compilation cd in which i am featured.

you can listen to that song here: Mary

as i mentioned before, vega is coming out gandhara recordings. it looks like the release date will be june 21, the first day of summer. i have been working with mitch from gandhara on album art and he has been very patient and kind and understanding. also i remixed the entire album and even added a new song at the end. here is what the record will look like.

here are pictures of me and katie brewing beer.

i think wavves is terrible and i am a little glad this happened.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Every time she said octopus a small black one fell out of her mouth. She kept saying octopus until their twisting bodies covered the floor. I asked her if she felt okay and she said that she felt fine; it was me she was worried about. An octopus crawled onto her shoulder and blinked. I felt her forehead and told her to lie down. I began to sweep a space for her with my hands but she just shook her head and said octopus again. I saw another one crawl up her hair and drip black ink onto her sweatshirt. I asked if she knew where we were and she said that she did, that we were in a basement, beneath the stairs, and at a party. I said okay but that I didn't remember coming to any kind of a party or even being invited for that matter. She looked down then touched her face and said octopus to her feet. I ignored an octopus wrapping around her arm. I told her that besides, she had interrupted me and that had been rude. I had been talking about the different kinds of chocolate that I liked and I had been calling them little duddies, and it had all been dreadfully hilarious. I wanted to continue our conversation on little duddies but she was not looking at me. She was looking back at the people beneath the stairs. The people beneath the stairs were sitting in a half moon around candles and smoking from long wooden pipes. She turned to me and asked why didn't we go back and sit down with them. We could talk about the duddies there. I told her maybe we would be safer here probably. She took my arm to her and asked if I remembered. I got a little more worried and felt her head again. The secret word, she said, could I remember it. I looked at the people beneath the stairs. I watched them cough smoke into the light. She held my sight and whispered octopus again. I watched a baby one squirm out of her mouth. The secret word. She kept holding my sight and she kept repeating it. She kept repeating it and I kept watching her mouth and her mouth kept making sounds but I could not understand.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

loud neighborhood motorcyles

the window is open
there are loud neighborhood motorcyles

i am sitting in a room
the radio is on.

there is a lawnmower

it is very hot
i am sitting on the floor

my arms are skinny muddy rivers
for neon blue eel veins

the hairs are pushed down branches

blowing and flying
in the wind through

the blowing window

there is a child screaming
from his room

there is a branch
and tapping

there are motorcycle serpents
growling from the water


Sunday, May 3, 2009

dream #19

i was in a small italian town in summer and it was very hot. i was wearing a dark suit with black boots and smoking a cigarette on the veranda. there was a man who had wronged me and i was going to find him and kill him. i walked out of my apartment on a hill and looked out over the small town. the hills were very beautiful. i spotted the man in an gravel alley kneeling before a old man dressed in white and devoid of color. the man in white and devoid of color was holding his open hand in front of my enemy's face and speaking to him softly. there was string running from the old man's mouth to my enemy's face. i held a can of paint in my hands and when i found them i flung the paint in violent Z's over the entire frame. everything turned purple and the old man in white and devoid of color looked at me sadly and walked away.


dream #18

i was shooting a porno in a hotel room. i was wearing a tank top and a small golden crucifix on a chain. there was a small patch of forest growing on my chest and i had a camera mounted on my shoulder. it was the kind of camera that your aunt used to shoot home videos and zoom in on stupid things. i hid in the bathroom and another cameraman hid in the closet. we heard the door open and people stumble in. we snuck out of our hiding places and started to film. the couple noticed us but seemed to 'be cool with it'. then we got naked and started doing back flips and other gymnastic moves. i set the camera down on the table and filmed us doing backflips and various gymnastic moves. i think i jumped off of the television and grabbed my toes as i came down. we kept rolling around and making animal noises but then i got rug burn on my forehead so i left.