Sunday, May 3, 2009

dream #19

i was in a small italian town in summer and it was very hot. i was wearing a dark suit with black boots and smoking a cigarette on the veranda. there was a man who had wronged me and i was going to find him and kill him. i walked out of my apartment on a hill and looked out over the small town. the hills were very beautiful. i spotted the man in an gravel alley kneeling before a old man dressed in white and devoid of color. the man in white and devoid of color was holding his open hand in front of my enemy's face and speaking to him softly. there was string running from the old man's mouth to my enemy's face. i held a can of paint in my hands and when i found them i flung the paint in violent Z's over the entire frame. everything turned purple and the old man in white and devoid of color looked at me sadly and walked away.



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