Wednesday, January 20, 2010



I was in a foreign country with my brother and my family. We had come disguised as missionaries. There was some great thing that had to be done. We were traveling through the country meeting people and trying to talk to them about revolutionary ideals. We would stay in fancy hotels and hike all day. During one of our expeditions we were told the police were searching the area for us. We tried to make it back to the hotel that night but could not outrun them. We knocked on a stranger's door and asked if we could stay. He said yes and later turned out to be Fidel Castro. We become good friends with Fidel Castro. We left the next day back to the fancy apartment. Our parents sent us on a mission. We would plant a bomb to reset time. Fidel Castro would do what he was supposed to. We traveled through the forest and stayed with Fidel and his wife. She was very nice. The next morning we drove a van to a national forest and planted the bomb inside of a hollow tree. We drove away and down the road there was traffic. There was a commotion and cars attempted to turn around. Then a blinding light and everything was spinning.


I woke up driving a car at night through a busy city. Everything was very dirty and dangerous. I was driving and trying to look for my brother. I reached a road block and some American soldiers asked for identification. Then a gaggle of of policewomen searched my car. They told me to get out of the car and asked me questions. I found out they were right-wing students promoting a political event in the city square. We would watch a man through nails through a giant wall. The wall symbolized the country's drastic changes in social class. They made us stand in front of a great wall. I found my brother in the crowd and some of his friends. A troop of american were patrolling the area. The man began to throw the nails at the wall. Every time he would throw them they swerved in air and sailed over our heads in different directions. We watched where each nail landed and counted all the nails together. We saw 10-year old rebel children holding giant magnets in an alley. The fascists quickly turned our attention to a projection screen and we began to watch a propagandist film about the duty of being a soldier. I kept watching where one of the nails had fallen. There began to be some yelling and screaming beside us and we saw American soldiers forcing the rebels to kneel. The rebels were only children. They were yelling and bleeding in the dust and forced to kneel and then shot. One solider dragged a rebel by his leg away from the rest of the group. The soldier seemed very young and looked very afraid to kill this boy. The rebel kept asking the soldier in spanish to please not kill him. The young soldier was scared and hit him in the face with the butt of the rifle and then shot him in the stomach. The rebel was still alive and the soldier had not killed him. The soldier tried to shoot him again but again only shot him in the throat. The rebel kept begging for his life and finally the young soldier pulled out a small jet propulsion engine and burned the rebels face off.

Then everything burned white and the screen projection became panoramic. We saw the young solider as a boy swimming in a lake with his friends. Then they were floating on a raft and rowing through a giant half-submerged tunnel of clear glass in the water. The rebel boy was sitting at the front of the raft with his legs dangling and the young soldier boy standing behind him and poiting things out to him that were far away.


I was swimming in shifting beautiful light underwater with a mermaid.



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