Tuesday, February 2, 2010


when i become the person that one day i wish to be i will be able to look at a cup and think about all the people who have ever drank from this cup and write down their names on a piece paper and repeat their names quietly to myself.

when i become the person that one day i wish to be i will not have to ask the question 'do you hate me?' in order to find out if anything is wrong with someone who is not talking to me at that moment.

when i become the person that one day i wish to be i will dig small cold holes in a field and wait until an animal breaks its leg in one of them so that i can turn my head and look out at the water.


Monday, February 1, 2010

<<<<<< DARBOLISTIC REX >>>>>>

just finished my contribution to a monster double-tape compilation by DARBOLISTIC REX in iowa city. the compilation will be called A PAIRING IN DISORDER.

basically, the project is being funded at the moment by preorders. so in order to really put out the tape like they want they're going to need some more preorders. this is an email i got explaining it:

basically we're seeing how far we can go with the money made from the preorders. i figure most will go towards postage of sending the artist copies out, which is spread upon the northern hemisphere. then we have to get tapes and supplies. i already have some blank tapes, but if the total time is longer than my longest then i'll have to order a lot of new'uns. and screen printing supplies.. okay, i typed more than i meant to, but you get the picture, the more people that preorder, the cooler the final product. already it is looking and sounding quite uniquely varietal, i hope you are excited, because i am. if there's a message to take from all this glib, it is to tell a few creatively supportive friends who encourage what you do about the compilation. post it on any forums or whatever you use to spread and discuss info.

in addition to this my track is kind of pushing the 5-minute limit which means that there might not be enough room on the tape for it (longer cassette tape length = more money). the release will be hand-made and something you will be proud to be the owner of unless you would not like to be the owner of a small dried flake in a box.

i think it will be very worth your money by getting, like, 50 songs from unknown artists for only $11.