Sunday, June 1, 2008

one time i found my brother asleep and i lifted up the covers and saw that he'd fallen asleep while masturbating...either that or while scratching his balls. in any case, his hands were in his underwear when he was sleeping.

i slept in my underwear last night on the couch in my the living room of my parent's house. my briefs were bright gold. i slept near the window. i hoped i wouldn't be scratching myself at the moment that i fell asleep in case anyone lifted up my comforter. i wouldn't like for people to think that i fell asleep masturbating.

i've been pooping blood lately. this not a joke. i'm scared. what kind of disease do i have? i have a strange growth on my lip, too.

i walked in on my parents praying today. it was awkward. i didn't know what to say. we had never had "the talk". I wanted to run out but strangely I also wanted to pray.

it is raining now. i watched a possum drown in our ditch. it had no way out.
i am in arkansas, now.
i live in arkansas now.


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