Friday, October 10, 2008


trends in my googling patterns reveal that when given a video option as opposed to a text option, i will choose the video option and either watch the video or click on another tab and listen to the audio. i will do this 9 out of 10 times.

when i am talking to someone and they do not understand a word or a sentence that i have just slurred, i experience exponentially increasing increments of despair in proportion with the amount of time it takes for me to ejaculate some correction and is multiplied by a time and a half when the other person makes grimacing facial expresssions.


driving through oklahoma city i got a phone call from my boss asking if i were in town yet. someone was sick and i had to work. so as soon as i pulled into town, i went intowork for a few hours. it was cloudy and the streets were wet. the air was clean and when the cars drove by they made hissing sounds with their tires on the street. i found a book i had forgotten at work in a drawer. the book is called ozark, ozark: a hillside reader and it was features writers from the ozark region and was published in 1982. this book has some of the most quiet little precious sentences i've ever read. this is by leonard hall from his 'four seasons at possum trot farm'.

The sun dropped below the clouds and made a red ball on the horizon's rim. In the single moment before it was gone, colors in the valley and along the river and out across the far hills were etched in a hundred variations. Each tree took on its own distinct and individual green, from the silver-gray-green of the willows by the creek, to the yellow-green of hickories on the hill, to the clear, pale green of hard maples nearby, to the solid black of the far-distant oaks across the the river. Then the sun was gone and the colors fused back together and no longer stood out in the sharp contrast, though the western sky blazed brighter.

i've decided i'm going to put something like this together from my little town. i don't know how it will turn out but i know exactly what it will look like. it will be called MEAL and it will be brown and it will be by young writers from the ozark area. maybe it will be experimental short stories or maybe it will just be old-fashioned nature writing. i don't know but i am excited. if anyone has some advice about publishing a literary digest, i would certainly appreciate it. i have many questions for you as well.


i am also planning on self-publishing my first series of micro-novels. i've decided on the name and it will be called Close the Gate, Little Brother. it is named after an album released in 1968 by the czech folk singer karel kryl when communism was first instituted in prague. here are the translated lyrics to the album's titular track.

i am very excited about this all. i have never started a literary digest before. i hope i don't lose steam.


here is a picture of what the vega ep will look like. each cd is numbered and will come in a little white sleeve along with a plastic protective cover. for now it is just a 'teaser':



Blogger Katie said...

when my google reader loads and tells me i have 12 unread blog posts or 112 unread blog posts or 383 unread blog posts, i always read yours first.

October 10, 2008 at 12:50 PM  
Blogger Connor Tomas O'Brien said...

sometimes i feel stupid because i prefer pictures to words (mostly) but then i think, "who came up with the rule that pictures are stupider than words?"

can i pre-order your cd.. a person where i live is doing a similar thing to you, making a limited run of cds and giving them away. you should swap, he makes good music, his one-mand-band is called "snow in cities".

October 11, 2008 at 2:21 AM  

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