Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i was looking at matthew henriksen's beautiful poetry diagrams a while ago. i was very impressed by them not only as tiny maps for poems but also as singular units of symmetry and design. it made me feel good to look at them. i felt rested. i am happy to know someone like this lives in the area.

i started diagramming a little after reading this and i have found i am more excited about what i am writing and the places the images are leading me. i have so much fun moving pieces around and changing words and making up pictures. i feel like a different kind of creator.

matthew also points out how these diagrams don't have to mean 'something' necessarily but that they do help generate words. i thought it would be interesting for poets and authors to include diagrams and concept maps in maybe the first few pages of their books of poetry and/or prose. i feel this would:
1. demystify the poet/author -- something which i feel is important
2. translate colander ideas into a new and more refined pictorial language
3. possibly open new vehicles for ideas and criticism
i feel like this could all tie in with wayne c. booth's the rhetoric of fiction somehow. i am not sure though because i have not read it yet although it has been strongly recommended.

does anyone know of any books or publications that have published diagrams like this or similar to this?


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