Friday, October 23, 2009


these events stemmed from this april posting on this blog.

I"m just curious why it is you've chosen to publicly label me an
"asshole". Also, I don't recall granting you permission to publicly
post my intellectual property....I suggest you stop being such an
asshole yourself before you get yourself sued for libel. I mean, do I
even know you?


hello i found a booklet of children's stories in a thrift store and chose your story. i actually liked it very much and thought it was funny. i like raccoons too! i don't know anything about you, just the name. it was random. i don't think you can sue me but i'm okay with fixing the blog post. sorry for the inconvenience. take it easy.


Mr. Cilio

While I'm still a little (admittedly morbidly) curious about how you came to have "good authority" on anything that happened back then... I guess it's neither here nor there. Technically, it's not the fact that I was called an asshole, but there is a defamation of character issue that arises when we are both in America (you live in Nebraska) and you accuse me of being a "bully" and, for that matter, a plagiarist
(through using my mother's words- technically, she could make the same claims I'm making now- though, yes...I did write the piece...including the part about the soft white snow). You are correct- a libel claim would probably be tenuous....but still possible. It's really just best to avoid such matters. No worries mate, it's not a huge deal. I'm happy with you fixing the blog can even keep the poem in
it. I suppose, were it not for the accompanying editor's note, I'd have simply been flattered.

Thanks for trying to resolve this in a reasonable manner...think nothing of it.


then i shortened his name to "josh c"
I see how cleverly you "fixed" the blog post. Well, you may want to look into your html encoding, because you left my last name on there so long that any search engine could find the direct reference. Beyond that, I'm legally blind and have's in rather poor taste for you to use expressions such as "the kid probably didn't even have a right arm." Look- either fix this as you said you would, be that either removing that post entirely, my poem and comment, or whatever you like or I will contact the system administrator of your blog with my concerns within the next twenty-four hours. I'm sure you're aware that the terms and conditions of almost all blog sites will not allow this sort of content if it is disputed. You seem like you've put a lot of work into that blog...would you really think it worth it all to be lost simply to call a guy you don't know an asshole and to personally take an ethically repugnant position yourself?

Just a thought,

dear josh

i don't understand why we can't 'capitalize' on the things we have in common, i.e. our interest for raccoons, soft white snow, etc. i feel our relationship would be a lot stronger then. instead we have spiraled into threats and unpleasantries. i had no idea you were blind or albino. i don't know you. i think you should try to 'take it easy'. it's no fun trying to be a 'victim'. it seems to me the only thing more absurd and outrageous than calling an anonymous 7-year old first-grader from nebraska an 'asshole' is an anonymous 20-something year old 'asshole' being offended by it. i'm sorry you don't like my blog.


Monday, October 12, 2009


1. Oct. 12 2009 -- biking to work and took a slippery corner too fast, slid for about 3 feet.,road rash on my hip and forearm

2. Sept. 16 2009 -- lost in the forest and spotted three white-tailed deer. re-injured my ankle chasing after them.

3. July 9 2009 -- sprained and strained my ankle after running down a mountain naked in the dark and falling over a rail

4. March 14 2009 -- biking on 8th near downtown crossed the track and too diagonally, slid under a truck on my knee, tore favorite jeans

5. January 9 2009 -- slipped on the ice during terrible ice storm (Ice Storm '09), limped home making funny sounds with my throat like a squeaky chair

Thursday, October 8, 2009