Monday, June 2, 2008


i once dreamt that i made out with bjork in a middle school hallway after a poor brass ensemble performance in the cafeteria which doubled as an auditorium after school. tonight i was riding home in my brother's car with the windows open and no one said a word. we were driving home after having sat in the car outside the duplex my aunt and cousins moved out of today and drank beer. we were listening to bjork on the way home and i thought about how she is a mother. i wondered what it would be like father bjork's children. what kind of values would bjork and i instill in our children? would we teach them rebel against us as authority figures? i imagined bjork giving birth to our first child and all the pain and terror that would occur in that delivery room. and maybe she would give us more children and i would be so grateful that she was willing to endure the pain to make us happy with so many babies. when the baby's head slipped out of her vagina i imagined the giant tear from lips to asshole as the child was born. she would cry out and i would be holding her hand and then we would look at the baby. together. and like my mother told me, the pain would all disappear and it would be something completely new. and we would look at the baby with the newest eyes we'd ever had, trying to match the even newer eyes of our beautiful little baby. i wonder what it'd be like to have a baby with bjork? i imagine she would be a wonderful and nurturing mother.



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