Monday, April 13, 2009

LIGHT BOXES by shane jones

this is a very good book. you can buy it here. it is very good.

after i finished reading this book i quietly set it down on the table and looked at it and thought about placing the book inside an old cigar box and wrapping the cigar box in brown paper and then burying the wrapped up cigar box under an abadoned brick home outside of town.

no, no, no.
that doesn't make sense.

i am going to try very hard to say concrete and good things about this book.

i am not sure how to do this because the book is not very concrete or real by itself. it is very strange and absurd and sleepy and wild.

there is a scene where people are sitting on a tree and throwing apples through clouds.

i actually don't even remember if that was in the book or not. i think maybe i dreamt that. i am not sure. the entire book felt like a dream. it is highly likely that i only dreamt this book and that shane jones placed q-tips fashioned into high voltage radio transmitters in my ears while i was sleeping, thus plagirising the entire book.

but i can't say for sure.

there is another scene where someone puts their face inside of a dead horse and sees an entire little city playing out in the horse's insides and the people are sleeping in hammocks tied up to the horses ribs. i think that was probably my favorite scene. and also i think the scene where they invent the light boxes and how happy everyone was to try it on and how it smelled like burned leaves.

i felt a little bit like crying.

i felt a little sick too, and my stomach hurt.

i think it was also because it read like red syrup and i had to pace myself. so it took me like two weeks to finish the book.

so i think maybe i will say that the book was kind of like the time after my sixth birthday party when i ate an entire bucket of candy and woke up in the middle of the night and threw up green on my pillow and then just flipped over the pillow and went back to sleep.

it was kind of like that.


Anonymous ~otto~ said...

The book sounds great but I would like to buy this blog post. How much?

(my word verification was "catents")

April 14, 2009 at 5:42 PM  

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