Wednesday, April 15, 2009


this book is very funny and sad. you can buy it here. it is funny and sad.

i was first introduced to a lot of internet writers through sam pink's blog. i think i read his version of 'night owl' and felt moved, or something. i liked one part where he points at someone's face and said 'i hate you' as they are walking by in the street. still to this day, this is my favorite piece of writing on the internet.

when i first started to read sam pink i was very sad. this was a result of a number of things occurring in my life at the time. i felt unstable and unsuccessful and dumb. reading sam pink made me feel less this way and like it was okay to feel like that.

i wrote about sam pink's last chapbook, yum yum i can't wait to die, and i feel i have noticed many changes in his writing style. i feel like IAGTCMTKTCAEI has moved forward in many ways from YYICWTD. YYICWTD is funnier to me, like tsuanmi/natural disaster funny. IAGTCMTKTCAEI is a lot darker and in some ways not as funny. i feel like in YYICWTD, sam pink discovered fire and then somehow in IAGTCMTKTCAEI, he discovered the atom bomb.

in this book there are times when a word punches you in the mouth and you try to smile but your mouth fills with blood so you kind of have to grin and look like an asshole. i like how i have no control over that. i especially liked one line about putting tiny bombs between someone's teeth. my favorite is one line about planting crayons in the ground and watching pillars of light spring up. or about feeling like a condom stuck in someone's asshole. i think it is a 'toss up' between the two.

in any case, this is a very good book. when i read it in public i always feel tempted to slip it under someone's ass as they are eating a scone and pretend like they can't see me. or i feel this could be a good gift to give to your dying grandfather, like you could say 'listen man, it's okay i think' and then he would cough violently and you could just tighten your lips and nod and walk backwards out of the room, closing the door.


Blogger xTx said...

funny u should post about this now as i just started reading it last night and am halfway thru.

i can relate a lot to what you've said about it. I have things to say about it to.

one thing i will say is that i think i read every other line twice. it is because i needed to make the pictures the words made clear in my head.

he paints fucked up pretty pictures.

April 15, 2009 at 8:35 PM  
Blogger Emily Star said...

israel! do you stand on your head to see the world upside down? Sometimes I try doing a headstand, and then tilting my head, and then squinting my eyes to see if i can see what you see. i'm so intruiged and grateful that you've been given this special gift of perspective. i hope our paths cross sometime soon! i am coming to union mid-may....will you be there??? love Em

April 19, 2009 at 5:36 PM  

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