Saturday, July 26, 2008

of course

it is hot in my parent's house. i am using their internet. i have a little fan that i wave at my face. the fan has a picture of a woman clutching a pole which i guess is supposed to be the foot of cross.

there is a line on her forehead and it means that she feels afraid, safe, desperate, and infinitely alone.

my skin has a thin layer of sweat on it and i feel like a glazed doughnut.

every time i type i have to set down the fan and write out what i want to say. i have to remember to be pithy because the heat is not comfortable and i must learn to be economical with time in the warmness.

i just read something very sad and intense. i listened to a sad song and thought about walking around my backyard naked in a long over sized t-shirt.

there are many times when i wish i could hear what people are listening to. what song are you listening to right now? please e-mail me a song that you are listening to or one that you would like me to hear and i will try to do likewise.

husbands, love your wives - "put the hatchet down"

i got back from oklahoma city last night. i went to a show and i saw a girl whose father didn't love her. wayne coyne from the flaming lips was there too and he walked by and she pissed her pants. but in a cool way. she was cool about the urine dripping down her leg (like a paralyzed dog). later i saw her behind the merch table talking to one of the guys from the band. it was like she was interviewing him. she was wearing a black shirt with the batman logo. we called her batgirl for the rest of the night. and she was not very kind to us when we asked for directions to a bar. when we got to the bar, she was yelling at the doorman saying, what the fuck and the doorman saying, get the fuck out of here or we'll call the fucking cop, and batgirl going, what the fuck? why can't you just be cool? and the doorman saying, you can't fucking come in! and then spotting us walking to the door and saying, You guys can come in, and opening the door for us.

then I left my wallet in the parking lot. we drove back to get it.


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