Wednesday, July 16, 2008

time, space, ignorance, and over-stimulation on wikipedia

when i read wikipedia i am helpless to soon realize and experience, in some form, the collective weight of ignorance, over-stimulation, and the awareness of time and space.

when i read wikipedia, i am usually looking up a topic that i want to learn about. i type in the keywords into the search bar and press enter. at this point, i am ignorant and working to alleviate this ignorance.

when the wiki comes up i find the information that i am looking for. however, this information is often supplemented by a bevy of links cataloging foregoing subsidiary information, which in turn causes me to access these links on other tabs.

after some time of my novice researching, i have found that i have opened a total of 12 tabs all dealing with some extended form of the initial subject i was looking into. this leads me to realize: a human cannot function with 12 tabs open and still with no answers and with no one to offer a condensed answer or to provide a Cliff notes version, thereby forcing me to forego the current topic of research at hand and only grouse as to the absurd number of tabs i have open, none of which i imagine i will read, or have time to read.

and the time it has taken me to reach this place, which is to say, the confines of all that i am able to consume, i am taken me back to the fact i am just as handicapped in the area of interest as i was to begin with. the time i spent exposing myself to symbols and letters which i intended to decipher and again encode, has rendered me as, and even mores, unable to know absolutely anything.


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