Monday, July 28, 2008

cashier check scam on craigslist: my subsequent response: UPDATED

I had like to know if the item is still available for sale.

The bike is definitely still available and in great condition. Would you like to arrange a time for you to look at it?

Thanks for getting back to me,am currently in
North America.I want to pick-up the item down
here, there won't be any problem about the
shipment.before i proceed i will like to know the
current condition of the item and i will also
appreciate it if you can send me some pictures of
the item. my broker will contact you as soon as
payment was made and confirmed.Get back to me ASAP.

Here are some pictures and a video of the bike:

I got the video.Okay this is what am going to do in
term of payment,I have a friend in the state who is
owing me some money,i will instruct him to makeout
cashier's check or a money order to you in the
amount is owing me and as soon as you get the
payment cashed,you will deduct your money and you
will handover my balance to my shipping broker at
the time of pickup or you will send it to them.I
think this payment method is okay by get
back to me with your contact information ASAP
because i also have some other goods to pickup in
the state.Get back to me with your contact info for
payment processing.


Hello, my name is Israel. I am trying to sell my bicycle. I am trying to sell it for $400 on Craigslist. I am doing this because I do not have money and I would like to have some. i am only a young man who is hungry and needs money in order to continue being one. Money is important and it helps humans do things that they need to. These things include:
  1. eating
  2. driving
  3. having shelter
  4. being clothed
  5. do good things with people they love
at the moment i live in a garage that was converted into a house. i sometimes run out of gas in the middle of the street. the economy is not so good right. i do not have a job.

i like people. every tuesday and thursday i ride my bicycle into town and i tutor in english at the local literacy council. marcos is a very nice gentlemen and he is trying to learn the language so that he can move up the ladder at his factory job. marcos has a family. his father died when he was 13 and marcos has had to work hard since then. marcos has only had a 6th grade education. i am teaching marcos the alphabet right now and we are learning the difference between hard and soft vowel sounds. marcos is a very kind and gentle soul and when he smiles it is very special because everyone knows that he means it. marcos has not had it easy but he is working hard to be honest and to give his wife and his children the love they deserve.

mr. calvin stewart, my name is israel and i believe in humanity and goodness and decency. i think there is good in everyone and i think it is very important to preserve goodness and to help it grow.

now, you've presented me with a very special case here: to take your money, cash it, and give it your broker. as i said before, i like money and by extension, i like your money. if you were to give me a check for a large sum of money, i do not believe that i would be doing anything to preserve the decency and goodness in humanity that i mentioned. i would most likely steal your money. this is the sad truth and i wish it weren't true. i would take your money and buy illicit drugs and do them. i'm sorry. now i'm sure it would be a very stupid thing to do since i presume you are familiar with this type of business and have certain ways of having your 'broker' track me down and do some 'brokering' but i am almost that desperate.

conversely, you would not be helping humanity either. you would be helping me to continue waking up at noon, eating cereal, looking at strange things on the internet until 3, watch television, and try not to think about looking for a job. mr. stewart i have a college degree. what does this mean? nothing except that i am very much in debt. i owe the united states government a very large sum of money, a sum which i could not possibly re-pay on while doing little else but eating cereal and watching television.

mr. stewart, i, too, would like great amounts of money. i would like great power. i like to press all my weight onto something just to feel it suddenly snap. i am a human being and so are you, therefore we are brothers and we are the same. this is why i am convinced that any sort of business between the two of us would not help either one or the other and i will not be selling you my bicycle. instead i will continue riding it into town to tutor marcos and sit at the coffee shop and talk with my friends until the sun goes down and the weather is cooler for me to ride home.

i wish good things for you. you are famous and the people who know you think you are famous as well. i am proud of you.

- wagner israel cilio iii

Isreal, i had like to meet you... i just read what you wrote and i feel i should meet you. please reply

I don't know if that's such a good idea, Mr. Stewart.
I hope you understand why I think this.


Well its ok if you dont want to meet me then..



Blogger Connor Tomas O'Brien said...

i enjoyed reading this.

August 2, 2008 at 3:08 AM  
Blogger Joel Cachero said...

That kind of honesty is hard to come by.

January 16, 2009 at 10:25 AM  

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