Wednesday, July 30, 2008

things i saw today

woke up at 6:30, drove to richard's, dropped off my car to let him drive it to work as his is broken, watched top 12 sexiest jobs in vegas, slept until noon, rode bike back to siloam from gentry (about 30 min). i met ky at the coffee shop and we talked for a few hours, drove home in his car. ate food. found out my parents are leaving for san antonio. we did some mowing and weedeating then ditched everything to go swim.

after swimming we rode bikes to the casino. i got my $5 and ky signed up for his players club card. we rode a block over to the liquor store and bought miller lite and pbr 24 oz and rode bikes to a bridge. under the bridge we drank the miller lites and had a few cigarettes. it was very relaxing. afterward we went to the cafe and i laughed at things very easily. after a few hours of this the buzz wore off and i was very sad. i was sad that i was in siloam springs and drinking under bridges for fun. we left and i rode my bike very sadly. at taco bell we ate and talked. we laughed and i felt better. we talked about people we both knew.

i asked ky if he felt better about siloam and about being trashy and drinking under bridges. he said he did.

after taco bell we rode down a dark street. we rode bikes and had our pbrs. we stopped at the abandoned drive in theater and talked some more. we left with half empty cans. there was a place where the streetlights stopped and i rode into the darkness and i felt like i was on a rollercoaster. i put my hands into the air and grabbed at the stars. it seemed like a funny thing to do.


Blogger Katie said...

i always think of you when i ride my bike with no hands. i smile.

July 31, 2008 at 4:13 AM  

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