Sunday, July 6, 2008

yesterday I was at the casino and it was the fourth of july and there was a tv over the bar and it was 2:00 in the afternoon and i was watching a hot dog eating contest on tv on the fourth of july where like 50 people, american people, devoured hot dogs and fisted food into their mouths and swallowed it and i think i like living in america simply for the irony.

i hate almost all of my friends. this is true and i am not exaggerating. i like them to a certain point and i think they are nice people but when it comes down to it, i don't really like them. i get tired of them very easily. i don't like things that i can get tired of very easily. richard says he couldn't get tired of soda. he says he could drink soda all day, even if he's not thirsty. i want to like someone like richard likes soda.

today i was sitting at "church", bored. i go there so my parents won't start worrying about my life and then make me a " prayer request." anyway, i was at church, reading about hinduism, when i looked up and saw a young girl kneeling on stage talking to a wooden cross about how she liked to steal things and to lie and the cross had the word for "forgiveness" in spanish nailed into the wood. when she talked to it, some guy with a olive oil voice was hiding in the baptismal tank talking into a microphone and he was supposed to be jesus, or something. i could see the top of his head. later, when the service ended, everyone held hands and i had no time to zip out because i had foolishly sat in the middle and so i had to hold hands with everybody and sing a song and when this part came in the song, everyone raise their held hands in the air and i let my hands be raised up like jesus christ being put on a cross and i hung my head and felt so sad for myself, like i had been finished and crucified and this was the end.

i'm sorry i said i didn't like my friends. it's not true. i do like my friends. sort of. and it's not that i don't like them as much as it is that i don't like many people so much. but that's not true either. i like people, but only the way i like animals at a zoo. i like to look at them and listen to them and draw pictures of them but i don't like it when they maul my face and tear open my vital organs. that's srzly not cool. when people talk to me i like to ask them questions so that i won't have to talk, sometimes i ask them too many questions and hope that they wiil queue up all my questions in their head like on Kazaa so then i can eat cereal while their answers download at a very slow download speed which i can't say because i know nothing about download speeds.

tonight i wrote two novels. they are almost finished.

i have decided to write on this thing more. maybe i will publish my novels here.

i liked this a lot.


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i did too.

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