Monday, August 11, 2008

Dream #3

i was very lonely and doing many drugs in my dorm room. i ate ramen noodles very often. my roommate came in and I said something to him. i went outside and i was not wearing a shirt. i was not wearing shoes. it was night and saturday. it was saturday night. i saw an illuminated window in another dormitory. i began to climb the dormitory like king kong. there was a full moon and when i reached the window I decided not to knock on it. Instead, I climbed the the bell tower. there were many pigeons inside and i could see the full moon from there. i felt that the drugs were not doing me very good. i was very scared of climbing down and i started crying because i knew i would have to knock on the illuminated window so they could let me in and so that i could go down the stairs. I climbed over to the window and looked inside. there was loud music and a small party. it was a group of friends partying and having a good time.

i was very lonely so i decided i would find myself a girlfriend. i lived in the science building, i think. i lived in the ornithology observation room. the walls were made of tinted glass. i was sitting on my bed with a pretty girl and i was telling her that she was beautiful. i think we may have had sex. i can't remember. i just remember people using the door adjacent to the ornithology observation room. i could see them walk away through the glass.

there was a wedding and we were all sitting in a great feast hall. we were sitting together: me, richard, washington, and some other people. we were congratulating the couple by eating their food. i had been talking to this girl in a room for a very long time and we had missed much of the festivities. when it was over i saw my sister in a white dress and it she was going to have an engagement party. she is 12 but i did not think it was weird. we were going to tulsa for her party. she was driving. a car. it was a mustang. i never saw her fiance. she drove her car and all of our family was going to follow her. i was sitting a car with richard and washo and i was looking at the stars and wondering if i would ever get married. washington, who has been divorced, was in the driver's seat. i asked him what he thought of getting married again. he said he didn't know. i said, me neither.



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