Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Working Bios

I am working on my writer's bio for when I submit my stories to fiction sites. This is one I sent into 3:AM

- Wagner Israel Cilio III lives in a little house on his parents' property in Arkansas. Everything he writes is plagiarized. Here is a music mix he made. He is 22.

These are some ideas:

- Wagner Israel Cilio III live in Arkansas on his parent's property in a little house. In his spare time, he enjoys going to the casino and drinking free soda. He has never published anything anywhere ever. He is 22.

-Wagner Israel Cilio III has had sex with, like, so many girls. He is only 22.

-Wagner Israel Cilio III invented the genre "micro-novel" at the age of 22. His debut mico-novel, "Reginald and the Albatross", was self-published in 2006 for a Children's Literature course. Israel lives in Arkansas and likes soda.

-Wagner Israel Cilio III likes to write on paper and sometimes stories happen, which is extraordinary given his mere age of only 22, this being a young and contempible age albeit one in which Cilio meets like so many chicks.

-Wagner Israel Cilio III is an artist and he makes art and artistic things which collectively constitute art, in and of its quantative attributes. He lives in Arkansas which is kind of lame but okay, he guesses.

let me know which one you like.


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