Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the micro-novel

i have made the transition from Wordpress onto Blogger. I have my other blogs here, I said. I will make them all on blogger. i spent a long time transferring all the posts and giving them the right dates so that you will think that i had this blog all along while the opposite is true.

tonight I began serious work on my micro-novel. It felt good. I told someone that I invented this style. I don't know if that's true or not. I am almost certain it's not. Although I am afraid to google it and find out.

i have just spent an hour writing about the different hits i got when i googled "micro-novel" and i finally gave up when i found out about "novellas" and "novelletes" which is almost exactly what i'm writing. still, i think it's different. i will stop talking abou it.

yesterday i wrote a story about david lynch. it was for dennis cooper's contribution for David Lynch day. i was so excited about the story that i submitted it as soon as i finished with very few revisions. when i looked it over today i felt like a dipshit. it's a good story but with stupid mistakes.

in any case, i will now post a children's story i wrote 2 years ago called "Reginald and the Albatross"


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