Thursday, July 10, 2008

the older you get, the worse you look falling for long distances

i am dumb, dumb, dumb.

first, i would vomit the bear out.
the bear would lay in the grass
and moan because that

i would be moaning, too.
i would be bent over
with my hand on the barn.

after a few minutes,
the bear and i
would re-gain our composure,

i would take the bear's snout
and put it in my face
and i would say things to it and
it would try to look away
but i would keep pulling its snout back to my face
and i would keep saying things
and you wouldn't be able to hear those things
because sound waves diffuse over space
in proportion of distance to decibel.

this is a law of physics.

i would point at you but
not look at you.
i would stand beside the bear
and look at it
i would wait.
i would wait and then
give it a little tap like

then the bear would get up
and move over to you.
it would look friendly and nice
and smart and intelligent
and beautiful and relevant and brown.
and it would play with you, and you
would brush your fingers through his fur
and kiss his face.


i do not want to hear differently.
if you are unwise
and say otherwise
i will invent the dumbest sentence
and say it to you and you
will think it
was good.

then i will know
you are dumb



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