Sunday, July 13, 2008

youtube review: "taekwondo best knockouts"

i am watching a youtube video about tae kwan do knockouts. the video is called "Taekwondo Best Knockouts."

pretty much, i think you just have to do a spin kick or something and then your opponent is dead meat, basically. it doesn't look very hard. actually, most of them look like accidents. man, that's not interesting. right? that's not interesting.

i have noticed that when people get knocked out, they crumble. i mean, like fall in a heap of body, like they are a sack of bones. this is probably the best part of the knockout--the actually "out." the second best part is how the winner reacts. he will sometimes prance and lift his hands up in the air. when winners lift their hands into the air this means that they want to make more room so that they can receive more praise and glory. they like winning.

i am imagining a 15-year martial arts aficiando googling all things martially artistic and finding my blog and getting really pissed and leaving me a comment. he will be very angry because i am saying that his sport is easy to do and that anyone can do it. the comment will have words spelled incorrectly and not thought out through. the other day i sent an e-mail saying something spelled incorrectly and not thought out through enough. i remember i was talking to like six people on gmail chat.


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