Tuesday, July 15, 2008

things i saw today

richard and i went to the river today. the water was high because of all the storms the past couple of weeks. we jumped off the dam. when water went up my nose, it really hurt. i kept forgetting to cover it. a few years ago a kid drowned after jumping off the dam. my friend matthew said he drove up with his family while they were pulling out the kid's body. he said the kid was wearing blue shorts. or maybe he said the kid's body was blue. i don't remember.

i tried to swim upstream and it was very hard. i was trying very hard. i wanted to touch the dam but i was not strong enough. i felt like these fish i saw once under a bridge in colorado. i told richard i had dreamt about this once.

richard tried to swim upstream too. he just looked funny. his arms were flat and he looked like he was paddling out to sea. i laughed at him and i think he felt self-conscious.

later, i found a shitty diaper by the water. i kept walking and i found another shitty diaper on a rock. it was next to some children's toys.

there was a large indian guy wearing a t-shirt in the water. richard noticed that grown-ups don't like to play in water. we used to love to play in the water. now we just to like to walk around in it. i looked at the big indian and i thought of how funny he looked. he looked like a walrus leisurely taking a bath. i was not surprised when he pulled out a backscrubber and started scrubbing his back. the indian walrus grew a thought bubble and it read: this is not so bad. the economy is not so bad. everything is okay. this water is okay. i will just take my bath here and no one will bother me. it will be okay to take a bath in this water.

(is it okay to call native americans 'indians'? what is the consensus on this? i would not like to offend anyone.)

i have been unemployed for the past two months. i have been submitting my resume and writing e-mails every day. some days i sit at my dad's desk and look out the window. sometimes i watch television. sometimes i ride my bicycle.

i got a job today. i work at the airport now.
i have to join a labor union.

would you like to listen to the song that i am listening to right now?
okay, here you go:

Charly Garcia - "El fantasma de canterville"

today i wrote an e-mail:

dear jonny,

i have downloaded the new firefox.
it does not look very attractive.
it has lost all of its postmodern "allure".



Blogger xtx said...

i like that song. i wish i knew how to link songs like that. i am not so smart.

July 16, 2008 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger pooditang said...

Oh I like this song a lot. You'll have much better taste in music than most of the airport employees i'm sure. Except maybe the pilots.

July 16, 2008 at 8:35 AM  

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