Monday, July 14, 2008

i have just submitted some of my stories to a magazine that i do not believe will publish them.

the magazine is based in arkansas and it did not have any "standards". also, the url was

this leads me to believe the people who run the magazine are old women.

today i will get my laptop and my backpack and ride my bicycle to the coffee shop and work continuously on my novel. i will not stop even when the barista gives me dirty looks for never buying anything. i will hate her in my mind.

the other day i read an essay called "Fort Smith, Arkansas" and it was very funny and very interesting and not so much about Fort Smith, Arkansas as much it was about every-single-literary symbol ever congealed into a formaldehyde gel of primacy and low-brow ill-repressed sexual longing. it was by a certain justin taylor and it's too smart for me.

i get e-mails from a company called "Gigcrib". it is a free lance writing directory operation thing. they are called Gigcrib. the name of their company is Gigcrib. they choose to represent their organization with the name Gigcrib. they wish create the rouse that they have some manufactured a "crib" in which "gigs" may be found.

i am looking at apartments in prague. i do not want to move to prague but it helps if i imagine this. soon they will move to the euro and then shit will be expensive. i would much prefer if their shit was not expensive. they are still on the crown. this does not matter because the dollar is falling faster than a victim from the world trade center. that is not a metaphor.

i feel bad for writing that thing about the world trade center. i would not like to hurt anyone's feelings. i would not like someone's dad to pissed. i thought it was funny though. and good.

i'm sorry...i'll take it down.

i got an interview today. for a job. at the airport. as a baggage handler. i have a college degree and this is okay. the airport will be part-time. i will be able to "make ends meet."

i am listening to music on myspace. i am listening to a band named Lazarus. i think it is just one guy.

it is a beautiful day outside and i will ride through it on my bicycle now and when i go down the hill that is terrible to ride up, i will lift my hands and pretend that i am meg ryan in city of angels, but i will be cute 80s meg ryan, when she was still america's sweetheart. this is important to me.


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